Episode 13: Title & Escrow with Kat Loftis of Fort Worth Title

In this episode, Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Katherine Loftis from Fort Worth Title to discuss what title insurance is, the importance of customer service, and her best advice for both buyers and sellers.

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Katherine "Kat" Loftis started in the title industry as a receptionist before working her way up to Branch Manager at Fort Worth Title. She said she fell into title work almost by accident but found she really enjoys it. In a nutshell, title insurance is "making sure no one else has rights or claims to your property, and that it is free and clear, and yours to have as long as you own the property," says Kat.

Escrow officers are licensed through the Texas Department of Insurance. Training is available to provide some general knowledge and background, but most of the education is hands-on learning. Brady pointed out that it's a high-trust position because not only do you have access to personal information like social security numbers and income, title personnel also find information about lawsuits and unpaid bills.

Kat believes title is a customer-service driven industry, and that "because title insurance in Texas is regulated, at the end of the day, the only thing you have to sell is the service that sets you apart from the next company," adding that most title companies are "organized chaos." She enjoys the puzzle of her job and making all the pieces fit together, and seeing buyers at closing who are excited to own a home. 

Kat said her number one piece of advice for buyers is to "use a local lender...and if your lender asks you for something, get it to them!" to avoid delays. For sellers, she advises patience and flexibility, and being responsive to requests from others involved in the transaction. 

Katherine can be reached at [email protected] or 817-984-8678.

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