Episode 16: Property Investment with Steve DeLeon from MCM Real Estate Services

In this episode, Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Steve DeLeon from MCM Real Estate Services to talk about how he got started as an investor, how his business has changed over the years, and his best advice for other investors.

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Steve got started in real estate investing in 1988 when he bought his first property at age 24. His company has grown and developed since then and now they primarily focus on three areas: working with real estate agents, investing themselves, coaching and mentoring new investors. "I want people to learn from my mistakes," Steve says. "Even though I was in the real estate investment space...I struggled for the first two or three years, I didn't know as much as I thought I knew!"

One area his company has expanded into recently is assisting families moving someone into senior housing, helping to be a liason between the families who need help selling a parent's home and the facility their parent is moving in to. Steve says they're focused on being a resource and finding the best resolution for a family's unique situation more than closing a deal. His whole team spent a week in training with placement agents, social workers, and caregivers who spoke about the process of moving into a care facility and where there were needs that could be better met.

Much of Steve's time is spent checking in with realtor, broker, and title company partners to follow up on offers they've made or are processing. He said he also spends time on the teaching side of the business, working with title companies on two continuing education classes: one focuses on working with differnet types of investors, and one is more detailed on investor contracts and how they can be different. 

Steve can be reached at [email protected] or 817-798-3268.

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