Episode 17: Commercial Real Estate with Gibson Duwe

In this episode, Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Gibson Duwe from Transwestern to discuss his start in commercial real estate, how it's different from working in residential real estate, and the rise of suburban offices. 

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Gibson was practically raised in real estate, with his mom being an agent and his dad being a commercial and residential contractor. "I knew that I didn't want to work with either of them," Gobson said - so after his freshman year at TCU, he started an internship with Kyle Poulson "and I haven't stopped working for him since!" Gibson got his real estate license during his sophomore year at TCU and has since worked on over $87 million in transactions. 

Besides the obvious, Gibson said the biggest difference between commercial real estate and residential is the amount of emotion involved: "We're not looking at, do I love the kitchen? Can I raise a family here? You're going, does it work for my business? Can I grow, can I attract people?" Brady shared that he enjoys working with residential investors for the same reason.

Gibson focuses mainly on office leasing, acquisitions, and dispositions. Sometimes the office leasing translates into finding tenants for the business who owns the building but only needs to use a portion of the space, and wants to get the rest leased out "in the quickest possible manner and at the best price." 

He said that since Covid, there's been a shift in office space in that people want to be closer to where they live and suburban offices have gained popularity. Gibson says walkability isn't as much of a factor as in some other cities so people are okay with driving, but still want to stay within their comfort bubble. Much of this growth is concentrated on the west and south sides of Fort Worth.

Gibson can be reached at [email protected] or 817-713-9238.

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