Episode 19: Expert Broker Advice for Buyers, Sellers, & Agents with Matt Lewis

In this episode, Reside Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Matt Lewis, Broker/Partner at League Real Estate, to talk about his start in real estate, the priorities at his brokerage, and how joining a brokerage is like pledging a fraternity. 

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Matt calls himself a "legacy" agent, as his grandmother worked in residential real estate and his father was in property management. He launched League Real Estate with his partners Jeff Anderson and Luke Syres in the fall of 2016, after spending years in real estate adjacent fields working on property location and small development work. Matt mentioned that the three of them have different skills so they really lean on each other's strengths to be successful. League currently has offices in Fort Worth, Parker County, and Johnson County and has about 140 people total.

As the managing broker, Matt's day to day schedule is constantly shifting. "I really, really love helping people who want to get better at something," he says, and enjoys spending his day working with agents. He thinks many brokerages have shifted from training and supporting agents throughout their career to more recruiting and then seeing what happens, and that's something he's consciously trying to avoid: "I want all of my people to feel like, 'hey, if I have a question, or I'm stuck...' they can come straight to me." He helps with everything from complicated title issues to answering quick questions from new agents who aren't sure how long to wait for a client who's running late.

Having previously worked as a housing director for the national office of the Tri-Delt sorority, Matt said that joining a brokerage and pledging a fraternity have a lot in common: the overall experience combined with support, culture, and branding are more important than the pay structure or dues. Financial concerns are obviously part of the mix but thinking about how new agents will work with everyone else is important. "We've learned that some agents just aren't our people, and there's nothing wrong with that - some people will do better in a different environment, and that's okay." Brady agreed that was something he'd learned as well as he's grown his team. 

Matt can be reached at 972-849-9889 or [email protected].

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