Episode 21: Outdoor Living Spaces with Randy Glenn

In this episode, Reside Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Randy Glenn from Extreme Exteriors, to talk about the process of creating an outdoor living space, the importance of well-designed plans, and his favorite projects.

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Randy said their building process always starts with a consultation at the home so their team can meet the family, see how they currently use the space, and talk about the goals for the project being considered - whether the project is building a small pergola, refreshing the landscaping, adding a pool, creating an outdoor kitchen, or all of the above. Together, the client and the team create a wish list of everything the family wants to add and do to personalize the space for their needs and budget. The designer then creates a detailed to-scale plan for the client, which includes a 2D and 3D walkthrough. During the presentation, each aspect of the proposed plan is review in detail and the budget allocations are laid out.

Brady mentioned that he's worked with Extreme Exteriors before and really enjoyed the process because of the flexibility and lack of pressure. The team made a master plan for his yard that could be done in phases as their budget allowed and also fit the way the family changed over time. Randy says that a lot of their clients have a seven to ten year plan and "the beautiful thing about doing a master plan with Extreme Exteriors is you're never working backwards."

The plans are the most important part of the building process, according to Randy. He advises that with any outdoor project, people should look for a company with professionals like architects, draftsmen, and estimators on staff. If the plans are "drawn on a cocktail napkin [or] on a yellow tablet...that's not a good plan!" Randy says, adding that a good plan gives you clarity on how things will turn out. "It's a big investment in your home, so you want to feel comfortable with your selection - if there's hesitation and you don't feel comfortable there's other choices out there" to have the work done.

Randy jokes that his favorite project is always the next one! He says the real answer is that his team loves it when a client uses the space they created, regardless of if that means adding some landscaping or constructing a cliffside infinity pool. Once example he gave was that in the Walsh Ranch neighborhood in Aledo, the houses usually have "postage stamp back porches." Extreme Exteriors frequently does patio extensions with a pergola and small outdoor kitchen for homeowners there "and it changes their life, because now they're outside using that back yard. "We create a space for families to tell their story...it's very very important to us," says Randy.

Extreme Exteriors has locations in Abilene, Midland, and Fort Worth, and can be reached at https://extreme-exteriors.com or calling 817-773-1283.

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