Episode 27: Know What's Happening with Christian Fussell

In this episode, Reside Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Christian Fussell from League Real Estate to talk about building connections, changing your mindset, and sharing his best tips for buyer, sellers, and agents in today's housing market.

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Christian started in real estate in 2019, after leaving youth ministry at a local church and working at a coffee shop. The coffee shop owner suggested real estate as a new career and Christian said he was fully committed: "when I first started out, I just messaged literally every human being I knew, every single Facebook and Instagram," to tell them he was in real estate and would love to talk more about it. He said he's not big on cold calling but had a goal of texting ten people a day and meeting up with four people a week in person, either for coffee or happy hour.

He mentioned that everyone loves feeling celebrated, so he strives to do that with his clients and tell their story. Brady said Christian gets so many referrals because he genuinely cares about his clients and it shows on his social media. "To me, to be honest with you, that's the cherry on top of a transaction, is building a personal relationship and connection with your buyers or sellers after you help them," Christian said. He enjoys building those connections in person but says "the beauty of real estate is it can work in a thousand different ways for a thousand people" for those who are more introverted or have a harder time starting conversations with people they don't know.

It took a big mindset shift for Christian to feel like he was worthy of helping people with a huge financial transaction like buying a home. He had to figure out the lies he was telling himself as an agent so he could better help his clients and make those genuine connections with them. He focuses on social media and highlighting his clients as well as different businesses he visits - which creates more opportunities for connection, outside of real estate. He said he also enjoys his current brokerage because he's competitive and likes being around "a lot of people who are ahead of me."

For sellers, Christian suggested making sure all major systems in the home are working correctly before listing, and giving the home a "light facelift" of updates like interior wall or cabinet paint. He said small changes like those can be the difference between a home being on the market for three months or a weekend. Christian advised buyers to find a good lender and make sure they're comfortable with the monthly payments over the purchase price, and also to find a realtor who understands your situation and can support you during your home search.

Christian shared his advice for real estate agents as well: "for any agent, if you do something, something's going to happen." He says real estate can be tough, but if you keep trying and are consistent, your efforts will pay off. Being a market expert is more than just showing homes in a specific area, it's also knowing everything about that place like the restaurants, people, events, and history.

Christian can be reached on Instagram @christianbfussell.

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