Episode 31: Home Electricity with Michael Martinez

In this episode, Reside Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Michael Martinez, owner of Arc Angel Electrical Solutions, to talk about how he got started, when it's okay to DIY and when you should call an electrician, and areas of concern in older homes. 

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Michael started his company in 2018, after having worked for other electrical contractors for over 20 years. He worked in commercial electrical before changing his focus to residential service because he wanted to help more people. Michael and his team currently focus on maintenance, service, and repair to existing homes more than ground-up installation for new construction.

In your home electrical system, Michael said the main component is the electrical panel. Those generally last 25-30 years before needing to be replaced if they have regular maintenance. Another important component is the GFI protection on outlets located near water sources, like bathtubs and sinks, to prevent damage if the outlet is exposed to the nearby water. Federal Pacific panels are of special concern in older homes since by now, they're outside of the recomended life span. The panel's breakers don't flip when they're supposed to which can lead to overheating, sparking, or fires. 

Michael recommended homeowners stick to simpler and easier projects like replacing wall plugs or light fixtures, if they're comfortable with turning off the power and completing the work. Any type of large or more in-depth project should be done by a licensed electrician to ensure they're completed safely and able to meet current code requirements. Michael mentioned these code requirements are updated every two years and a required part of continuing education for a licensed electrician. 

Especially in older homes in areas of Fort Worth like Fairmount or Ryan Place, Michael recommended replacing the wiring to be safer and to meet current codes. He mentioned there are breakers available that are compatible with older wiring systems that were installed without a ground. Older panels need to be inspected carefully becuase they can build up oxidation and corrosion over time, which can increase resistance and be a safety concern. Annual maintence should be performed by an electrician and involves ensuring all of the connections are still tight so that heat isn't building up. 

Michael can be reached at 817-380-8887 or arcangelelectrical.com.

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