Episode 32: Building A Franchise with Sarah Proud

In this episode, Reside Broker/Owner Brady Bridges sits down with Sarah Proud, owner of Clean Juice Clear Fork, to talk about why her family chose their franchise, the challenges they've faced as business owners, and what she loves about Fort Worth.

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Sarah and her family moved from Canada to Fort Worth and decided to purchase Clean Juice as a business opportunity. She's been interested in healthy eating and holistic treatment, so Clean Juice - a certified organic juice and smoothie cafe that offers a variety of healthy eating options - was a perfect fit. Being a Christian centered and faith-based franchise also fit with the values held by Sarah and her family.

When they took over the Clear Fork location, Sarah mentioned she only had experience running very small businesses on her own. She said the initial six months had "a steep learning curve" to get everyone to be on the same page. While they benefited from an existing location with a customer base and staff, there were challenges related to profitability, retraining, and staffing - all common issues for many retail and food businesses. Being near the TCU campus offers a large hiring pool but the transitional nature of student life means they're frequently hiring and training new employees.

Sarah and Brady agreed that learning to delegate tasks is key for business owners. Hiring the right people to help with a business's day-to-day operations is also important, so that you as an owner can focus on the bigger picture and profit building activities. For Sarah, this means she can better balance her roles as a business owner and a mom of ten children. They both agreed that balancing family and work life is challenging, especially when the children and the business are both young.

Sarah enjoys the friendly and welcoming nature of the Fort Worth community and says it's an ideal place for her family. They like visiting the Botanic Gardens and the Stockyards, and being involved with their church and its activities.

Sarah can be reached at [email protected].

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